JP Morgan – Warehouse Capacity Specification

JP Morgan is a client of The Logistics Business - Logistics OutsourcingJP Morgan is a well-known global financial services business. Its Asset Management division manages a range of funds that invest in a wide variety of asset types to provide wealth growth and income opportunities for its clients.  One of the investment classes is commercial property and in particular JP Morgan owns a number of commercial properties in Finland.  One such property is a former manufacturing site now operating as a distribution centre and divided into a number of smaller units leased to a variety of Clients.  One of these had approached JP Morgan seeking more space for its growing businesses.  With its lease due to expire it had already found suitable premises elsewhere but wanted to give JP Morgan the opportunity to make an alternative offer.  To help encourage the Client to stay, JP Morgan asked The Logistics Business to study the site and the Client’s business and make suggestions for how the Client’s future requirements could be accommodated.

A study of the Client’s storage and throughput requirements was undertaken followed by a review of the available space.  The optimum solution involved using space already occupied by another client and so the work was extended to help that Client also move to another part of the site that would offer it other advantages.

The results were presented back to JP Morgan and it’s Client and as a result JP Morgan was able to negotiate a new lease and keep the site fully occupied, maximising the return to its investment fund.