Baker Ross – Warehouse Capacity Improvement

Baker Ross is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading Logistics Company UKBaker Ross and its sister brand Yellow Moon are a mail order, on-line provider of art, craft, educational and fund raising materials for younger children. Baker Ross primarily supplies the schools market and Yellow Moon supplies direct to consumer.

Over the years Baker Ross has enjoyed consistent growth and despite the economic downturn this has not slowed. With a warehouse nearing the limits of its capacity Baker Ross realised they would need to make changes if they were to meet the coming sales targets. Being a relatively small organisation and wishing to retain ownership of the developments they were not looking for a full consultancy service at this stage but more a sense check of their own ideas and plans. Most of Baker Ross’s team had little warehouse and distribution experience outside of their own business and they saw the value of an outsider’s view – an outsider with experience of a wide range of businesses and industries – to ensure that no opportunities had been missed. After a brief review of Baker Ross’s development plans we were able to prepare a report itemising a number of additional opportunities that should be investigated and analysis that should be undertaken.

In the report we were able to advise Baker Ross on the additional analysis that would help them ensure that they are doing the right thing.

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