Artex – Warehouse Capacity Assessment

Artex is a Client of The Logistics Business - Logistics Consultant UKArtex is a well known manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of building materials. It manufactures on a number of sites in the UK and imports many other products from overseas suppliers. The Company was considering options for building on the success of its manufacturing and distribution activities in the UK and asked The Logistics Business to consider possibilities for cost reduction through site consolidation and warehouse capacity assessment.

An existing Artex site was identified as a potential for development and detailed work was undertaken to consider how best to make use of this site.  The work included gathering data on production and distribution requirements from a number of manufacturing sites.  This data was analysed to show the requirements in terms of logistics processes and this was used to prepare a plan for how these activities could be combined on the proposed site.  The proposals presented to Artex included layout drawings and descriptions of how operating processes could be improved.  The work showed that considerable operating benefits could be achieved whilst at the same time allowing other facilities to be released for redevelopment.