Tottenham Court Road Tube Station – Zone Manager

Zone Manager Vinci Bam NuttallTottenham Court Road tube station is one of London’s busiest. Vinci Bam Nuttall have been awarded the contract for a major upgrade including the addition of a new Crossrail station.

The site is right in the heart of London. At ground level there are two relatively small site areas separated by Charing Cross Road. Managing deliveries into such a small site with virtually no waiting areas was clearly going to be extremely difficult. There was no space for vehicles to wait outside the gates and so any badly timed or unplanned deliveries would have to be turned away.

After investigation they opted for the Zone Manager provided as a hosted service. Zone Manager was chosen as it provided the tight control necessary to ensure that resources were used efficiently and to ensure that deliveries and collections arrived and departed according to plan.

Zone manager Diary Tottenham Court Road
Using the website provided with the hosted service Contractors are able to see when delivery slots are available and either request or directly book them according to the rights given to them by the Logistics Manager. Requested slots are authorised or reallocated by the VBN staff and Zone Manager sends emails confirming the actual times.

Many deliveries pass through a vehicle holding park. Zone Manager manages these via the web site. The holding park operator can book vehicles in and out of the park. On the diary icons against the booking show whether a vehicle is waiting in the park or is on it’s way to site. At the site Gate operators are given daily Delivery Schedules to enable them to check that the vehicles arriving are expected and expected at that time. They communicate with the office via radio and the vehicles are booked on site. Contractors waiting for materials can see on the diary the progress of any deliveries.

Monthly and weekly reports such as time keeping, performance and CO2 reports are run directly from Zone Manager.

The hosted service approach meant that it was possible to rapidly implement a system which had little impact on the existing IT infrastructure. It is often difficult to implement publicly available web sites within the security constraints of IT systems in many companies. The hosted option meant that there would be no concerns in this respect.

As part of the hosted service ongoing upgrades to Zone Manager are provided. VBN have taken advantage of this by using Zone Manager to run a small Consolidation Centre. They are using the Inventory module which keeps track of stock with the Centre and provides visibility of available stock on the web site.

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