The Caravan Club – Identification of Warehouse Capacity Requirements

The Caravan Club is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics consultants UKThe Caravan Club is a successful, long-established organisation which operates a range of services for the benefit of its members.
There are some 374,000 households in the membership and the business generates more than £100 million of revenue annually. The services provided include the provision of insurance, organisation of overseas travel arrangements, the management of caravan sites, organisation of events and courses, and sales of a range of merchandise.

The provision of these services entails a significant level of collation and packing for a wide range of documentation and merchandise. and the fulfilment operation had been undertaken from a distribution centre a few minutes’ drive from the East Grinstead offices. However, the Club felt that it was time to review its stock management processes and perhaps reduce the requirements for warehouse space. There were opportunities to use part of newly acquired office space as a collation and packing area but it was not clear what this might mean for overall warehouse requirements. The Logistics Business was therefore commissioned to review the requirements and to come up with recommendations for storage requirements and for processes to manage pick/pack and stock holding.

The Logistics Business began by undertaking a data gathering exercise to establish the scale of operation and the storage and processing areas needed to support this. In addition, a survey of the proposed new areas was undertaken to provide an accurate plan on which to base the proposed future layout of the operation.
Following analysis of the data and a design exercise to achieve optimum use of the available space, The Logistics Business was able to confirm the viability of the proposed new site and produce drawings for the proposed layout of offices, the processing areas and the storage facilities. We also highlighted existing stock management issues and recommended process changes that would allow The Caravan Club to achieve its ambitions to relocate the collation and associated storage, with a significant reduction of any additional storage requirement in a future off-site warehouse unit.

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