The benefits of, and justification for, a Delivery Management system in Construction

There are increasingly voices in the construction industry calling for logistics to be “designed-in” to a project. Logistics, they say, should be taken into consideration all the way from the design of the building, through the site planning to the day-to-day on-site construction.

If the intention from the start is to use a Delivery Management System, like Zone Manager, then assumptions can be safely made regarding materials being available at the right time, a reduced need for over-ordering, and generally tighter running of the project.

Following discussions with experts in the industry, we have identified advantages and benefits, of using a Delivery Management System, at every level of the industry and at every stage of  the project.

DirecZone Manager is a product of The Logistics Business - Delivery Management Systemtors

  • Improved day to day control of the project
  • Better use of all resources
  • Greater efficiency
  • Reduced build time
  • More profitable project
  • Professional and progressive company image
  • Satisfied customers

Bid Team and Planners & procurement

  • Meet client requirements
  • More organised and controlled site
  • Reduced impact on environment and local infrastructure
  • Reduced costs (plant hire time etc)
  • Reduced project timescales
  • Reduced tender price or increased margin potential through potentially shortened programme/prelim costs
  • Opportunity for purchasing in larger volume leading to reduced costs, if logistics centrally managed.


  • Commercials
  • Reduction of labour
  • Reduction of materials
  • Reduction of plant hire time

Project Managers, Construction Managers

  • Better visualisation and control of the project
  • Real time progress (hour by hour)
  • Visibility of problems before they happen
  • Automatic production of documentation

Environmental and Sustainability Managers

  • Improved use of all resources, therefore less environmental impact.
  • Accurate measurement of materials used and waste produced by type.
  • Documentation on waste produced on site to meet requirements e.g. CDM or WRAP.

Different types of organisation within the project will see the benefits, of a Delivery Management System, in different ways.

For Logistics Service Providers improved Delivery Management is the key benefit here. (see also Zone Manager in Construction)

  • One plan in one place – No arguments and minimise claims for extra costs.
  • Reduce waste – physical and time
  • Schedule & use resources efficiently – Make best use of the site Fork Lifts, cranes etc.
  • Smooth demand – reduce that 8 o’clock rush hour.
  • Reduce day to day management. Simple to use system, no double-booking.
  • Contribute to improved safety through reduced site congestion
  • Improve neighbourhood relations – no lines of vehicles queuing in the road
  • Let the trade contractors do some of the work for you by letting them enter their own bookings
  • Make it part of your Site Waste Management, Material Logistics and Construction Logistics Plans

Main Contractors with overall control of the site will see different benefits. They gain a much better overview of what is happening on the site. They can also potentially have direct access to the system to control cranes and other resources also on site and co-ordinate them with the deliveries.

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