Sustainability and the Supply Chain

There are many sustainability touch points along a supply chain , from the sourcing of raw materials and the water used in manufacturing to the CO2e(3) produced when we manufacture, distribute, store and use the products.  The figure below maps out some of the key sustainability touch points along a typical supply chain.

The Logistics Business can provide support and guidance on addressing sustainability issues across your supply chain or bespoke guidance on specific touch points highlighted in the figure above. There are many reasons why you might want to focus on Sustainability within your supply chain.

  • Cost Savings: reducing electricity, gas, fuel, resources and reducing waste all save cost.
  • To support your and your customers’ brand values.
  • To preserve and protect the environment
  • To support the well-being of your staff and the communities in which you are based.
  • To deliver expectations and demands from clients and other stakeholders

You can really help to deliver fantastic opportunities by identifying the most significant sustainability issues both up and down your supply chain . This will help to strengthen relationships within your supply chain and drive real innovation and change.

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  • CO2e – Carbon Dioxide Equivalent – as an item or activity can lead to various green house gases being emitted in varying quantities, causing varying degrees of affect it is often expressed in carbon dioxide equivalents.
  • Supplier Ethical Data Exchange

29th April 2015