B&Q – Supply Chain Development

B&Q is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics consultants UK

We have worked with B&Q in a number of areas of supply chain development, but particularly on the management of imports and seasonal lines. We supported the set up and opening of B&Q’s first dedicated imports centre at Doncaster and then developed a small PC based modelling tool to help manage the flow of inbound containers to the site.

Whilst at B&Q we were also asked to undertake a piece of work at one of their Suppliers. This company is a leading supplier of fitted kitchens and bathrooms to B&Q and others. One of the main delivery channels is direct to customers’ homes. We worked with both them and B&Q to undertake a review of the home delivery activities to determine, amongst other things, ways in which decisions can be made on the best delivery channel for any given order. Our interactive, graphic modelling demonstrated significant potential for cost savings and service performance improvements.