Construction Logistics Strategy

Traffic control - The Logistics BusinessToo often Construction Logistics is narrowly applied to on-site handling, when in fact this is simply the tip of the iceberg. The most effective construction logistics solutions require a fully designed, all-encompassing supply chain management approach.

Many sites are broken down into fixed price elements. These are purchased separately and as late as the programme will allow in order to preserve cash flow. Each subcontractor is responsible for his own material supply. This makes cost control easy, but makes it hard to optimise the construction process. Costs may well be carefully controlled, but not minimised.

Most efficient construction also takes place when material is supplied in appropriate work packages to the point of use. Achieving this cost-effectively, and in a way that doesn’t cause congestion at entry gates, often requires a way of consolidating in-bound deliveries. There is currently a trend away from site-based construction, towards off-site manufacture followed by on-site assembly.

Making sense of these trends takes most managers out of their comfort zone, but with our unparalleled knowledge of construction logistics, augmented by experience in other relevant industries such as manufacturing and retail, The Logistics Business is well placed to help companies and developers cultivate new strategies to create efficient, cost-effective practices for 21st century construction sites.