Steelcase – Transport and Storage Analysis

Steelcase is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics consultants UKSteelcase are the leading supplier of quality office furniture, with manufacturing facilities in over 27 locations, approximately 13,000 employees, and more than 650 dealer locations around the world. Steelcase are developing their business in the UK.

To support this strategy they commissioned The Logistics Business to evaluate their distribution and transport network, and determine how it could be developed to accommodate the growth in their retail outlets. The current distribution and transport network was evaluated and modelled from information collected from site visits. Growth was then applied to the models to represent the future changes to their retail outlets. A number of distribution center structures were considered within the UK, and the cost-modelling of the options identified the optimum solutions.

The solutions identified savings up to 5% of the company turnover in the UK and provided recommendations on steps to be taken to realise these savings. These recommendations are now being followed by Steelcase and an implementation strategy has been put in place.

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