Smiffy’s – Warehouse Capacity Improvement

Smiffys is a Client of The Logistics Business - Warehousing ConsultantsThe Logistics Business has worked with Smiffy’s on a number of aspects of their business since January 2011 including warehouse capacity improvement. Smiffy’s was aware that they had outgrown their current facilities and needed to plan for further growth in the business. This included forming plans to improve the existing facilities to accommodate the needs of the business for the coming year, as well as undertaking a strategic review for the longer term warehousing requirements to enable a property search to begin.

In addition, Smiffy’s sought the view of The Logistics Business on the suitability of their proposed new Warehouse Management System (WMS) from Microsoft Dynamics to meet the needs of the business in the future. This included a review of the initial specification and of the programme and plans for the implementation.

Following on from the analysis of future business requirements and as a result of recommendations from The Logistics Business, a number of actions were agreed;

  • Improved layouts for picking areas and reserve stock storage in the existing building.
  • Greater efficiency in the picking and packing processes for e-commerce.
  • Increased capacity, efficiency and safety in the off-site storage locations.
  • Changes to the proposed functionality in the new WMS.
  • Amendments to the WMS implementation programme.

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