Pure Collection – Assesment of Warehouse Capacity Requirements

Pure collection

The success of the Pure Collection business has put considerable pressure on the warehousing operations in Knaresborough and more capacity will be required over the next few years. There is a need to keep distribution costs as low as possible and attention is now being given to how the capacity of the existing warehouse can be increased to extend its life before new buildings are required. It has been decided to seek external, expert support to enhance the work being undertaken by the in-house team.


  • To review tentative plans that have already been considered for increasing capacity
  • To understand what capacity the warehouse will require in the future, covering picking, packing and storage
  • To consider options for re-configuration of the warehouse to meet the agreed capacity requirements and to compare the pros and cons of these
  • To prepare outline schemes and operating principles for a preferred option to form the basis for more detailed planning

Data analysis and a review of the current operation confirmed that there were limited opportunities to expand the capacity of building by re-locating parts of the operation. However it demonstrated that this was insufficient to provide more than a short-term solution and that, based on the current growth forecasts, immediate actions were required to supply additional warehouse space to support continued growth.

Pure collection accepted these findings and began searches and discussions to source property in the local area.

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