Strategic Supply Chian Planning

Considering the current business climate, Strategic Planning has become a particularly important thread of supply chain development as companies are being forced to re-evaluate the efficiency of their supply chains.

The strategic planning services we offer are designed to help our clients find answers to such searching questions as: Is my supply chain agile enough to respond to rapidly changing markets? Is it vulnerable to disruption or change, be it political, natural or economic? Will it be susceptible to changes in market behaviour, for example the recent increases in Internet shopping? This is continually placing new and challenging demands on supply chains.

Strategic supply chain planning, and in particular multi-channel retailing strategy, are areas where we at The Logistics Business have great experience. Our supply chain consultants have worked with industry-leading companies all over the world to develop strategic supply chain solutions that fulfil their requirements, are easily implementable, and meet the challenges of modern society. Key processes include:

  • Analyse locations, investments and costs
  • Define operational requirements

If you are interested in learning about advanced Supply chain Planning, please click this link to read all about how advanced planning can help your supply chain.  If you wish to know more about how Supply Chain Management Strategy Planning And Operation works and it can effect a business click the link, where you will find all the relevant information.