Supply Chain Modelling

iFlow iMap Supply chain modelling - The Logistics Business UKOur supply chain modelling services help to ‘map out’ the most effective supply chain solutions for our clients.

After gathering and analysing the required data, we use our iFlow Suite of Modelling Tools (find out more in the Knowledge Centre) to develop a basis for coordinating locations, supply routes, and other details of the network. These will then be tested against the practical demands of the business. In most cases this will create a need for the development of further designs to arrive at the most beneficial result for our client.

Key processes of supply chain modelling include:

  • Network analysis and modelling
  • Optimisation and planning
  • Analyse inventory levels
  • Define outsourcing opportunities

Interested in learning more about what a supply chain model is and how it can help your business? You can find a whole host of information regarding supply chain model if you click the link.