Supply Chain Consultancy

So what exactly does a supply chain consultant do? In essence supply chain consultancy is concerned with analysing a business operation to identify ways to ultimately enhance and improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the overall supply chain and logistics capability. By doing so it will ultimately increase the company’s profitability as well as providing a transparent supply chain that will subsequently improve the relationship that you have with your trading partners. A win- win situation.

The way in which this is achieved is by utilising a plethora of methods which include strategic insight and planning, information technology and process re-structuring to understand and to create a streamlined supply chain.

Many company suffer from internal perspective blindness, where due to working in the business for many years, processes and procedures become the norm and therefore it often takes an external perspective to help you see where improvements can be made.

There are numerous supply chain consultants UK wide that will work closely with you to identify the best supply chain network for your business in terms of cost, service, sales channels, distribution networks and sustainability. This is achieved by using insight tools coupled with the extensive experience that our consultants possess. The process will take into account all aspects of your supply chain as well as current and future sales and typically look at a long term plan to get your operation running more efficiently.

They will help to determine your needs, review current systems and define your next steps towards a more efficient supply chain. The key benefits that a supply chain consultant can bring include;

An increase in profit

As with any business the main aim is to make a profit. By using a supply chain consultant it can help you to maximise your business income, often resulting in a very worthwhile investment.

·         By identifying where you’re spending too much money on your operations and suggesting ways to reduce the associated costs.
·         Comparing your business costs to similar businesses to identify potential areas of savings.
·         Calculating if the correct stock levels are being stored or if efficiencies can be made.

A new perspective

As mentioned earlier, it can often be hard to take an objective view of the issues affecting your business when you are too close to it. Consultants are able to provide an unbiased and informed opinion and offer advice on areas through a SWOT analysis.

See the bigger picture

Often aspects of the business are looked at in isolation, with Department Managers concentrating on their own areas of responsibility. Having a supply chain consultant will enable the bigger picture to be captured, thus being able to identify and tweak aspects of the business operation that will have a significant positive impact somewhere else in the supply chain.

By having this overall perspective, it enables a strategy to be formulated that takes into account every aspect of the supply chain and business operation.

These are just a few of the benefits of using a supply chain consultant, but the there are many more so why not find out how using one can you improve your business operation.