Contract Development/Management

CDM regulations - The Logistics Business consultants as project managersProjects for our clients can involve a large number of contractors, or possibly interested departmental groups within a business.

This means that management and interpersonal skills are of critical importance. Health and Safety legislation also dictates that many projects may be required to adhere to the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations (CDM), updated in 2007. We are able to advise our clients of their responsibilities under these regulations, and we have experience of providing support in the roles of Principle Contractor and CDM Coordinator.

As part of our project skill-set The Logistics Business offers additional value by advising clients on the requirements imposed by the CDM regulations and we are often ideally placed to integrate the role of CDM Co-ordinator with our services as Designers and Project Managers.

When appointed by the client in the formal capacity of CDM Co-ordinator, we undertake the responsibility for ensuring that the client is aware of his own duties under CDM and for providing assistance in complying with these.  In addition, we ensure that the health and safety aspects of the project are properly managed. Throughout the course of the project this would include:

  • Ensuring the competence of contractors
  • Preparing pre-construction information to contractors
  • Notifying the Health & Safety Executive
  • Preparing the Construction Phase Health & Safety Plan
  • Managing the site induction training
  • Providing liaison between contractors to ensure co-operation and co-ordination of tasks, and chairing regular project review meetings
  • Managing late design changes
  • Collecting necessary information for the Health & Safety file, which must be handed over on completion

Many logistics infrastructure projects, containing large elements of electrical and mechanical engineering, are managed under the IEE MF/1 form of control. We have significant experience of working within this framework and our team offers consultants suitably qualified to act as ‘The Engineer’, as defined in these contracts.