Network Design

As the need for realising the benefits of business integration gathers pace, a more holistic approach to supply chains and the resulting inventories and processes is required. This means that companies need to re-assess their physical and information networks to ensure that they are fit for their future needs.

This can demand a fresh and critical review of current facilities, processes, systems and skills to ensure that the future supply chain network will facilitate the required high levels of service at an acceptable cost. It is a multi-faceted approach that is required if expensive investment mistakes are to be avoided.

An analytical approach, including sensitivity analyses to ensure that sufficient flexibility and adaptability are part of the future network must be combined with an honest assessment of how current and emerging technologies can help to achieve business targets.

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Different businesses require different forms of Network Design, from the basic to the best. The scope for improvements range from a having the right inventory software to an efficient warehouse. To find out more download the full PDF version here or contact us on 01527 889060 or email