Warehouse Management Systems (WMS) Specification, Selection and Implementation

The Logistics Business has extensive expertise of Warehouse Management System (WMS), being involved in projects around the globe. We are in a unique position to provide valuable assistance due to our knowledge of the market and product offerings whilst maintaining a supplier neutral position to ensure that the best solution is selected for our client’s needs – both in terms of fit to process and in terms of appropriate project cost by pre-selecting the most appropriate scale of WMS.

Warehouse management system

We can demonstrate an excellent track record of involvement throughout the entire lifecycle; requirements and process definition, systems selection, project management, project governance and implementation through to post implementation reviews and solution exploitation. Our experience extends from stand-alone implementations through to solutions linked to legacy business systems and includes a high degree of integration with automated warehouse control systems.

Recent innovations have seen the suppliers offering SaaS (software as a service) and ‘cloud’ based solutions, plus a move to limited functionality releases of full solutions; enabling larger WMS suppliers to expand their reach into medium and smaller users whilst also allowing them the potential to grow into using their full-scale system.