Transport Environmental Audit

An average HGV travelling 80,000 miles per annum will currently use around £45,000 of fuel each year.

If transport efficiency were increased by only 5%, this would provide a fuel saving of £2,250 and a 5.85 tonne reduction of CO2 per vehicle per year. This is looking at fuel alone. If total vehicle and transport costs are considered, far greater savings can be achieved. Our Audit Programme is designed to identify these environmental efficiency opportunities within your fleet, and provide practical information on the environmental implications of your transport activities.

Lorry fleet - The Logistics Business Transport Environmental Audit

A Transport Environmental Audit is tailored to individual needs but the stages are typically as follows:

Stage 1 – Transport Workshops

Session 1 – Government response to the implications of transport on Climate Change
Session 2 – The environmental implications of Supply Chains and Strategies
Session 3 – Environmental implications and efficiencies at an operational level
Session 4 – Practical measures to improve efficiency and reduce environmental effects

Stage 2 – Review of current operations and systems

Taking the information gathered during stage 1, we will review of your current operations and analyse how your supply chain strategy affects your transport networks and costs.

Stage 3 – Feedback and reporting

We will provide you with a report that includes all presentation material, working sheets, benchmarking and comparisons.

Why use The Logistics Business Transport Environmental Audit Programme?

  • We are industry experts in green logistics for supply chain, warehouse and transport
  • We provide recommendations and improvements based on proven techniques
  • We provide clear definitions of environmental and financial savings
  • Projects are undertaken by specialist consultants who have a detailed understanding of environmental logistics

View a more detailed overview of these audits (PDF)