Green Supply Chain and Logistics Management

We are industry experts in environmental logistics.

We have recently undertaken research and advisory work on behalf of the government to promote the development of environmentally friendly, sustainable supply chains, warehouses and transport distribution networks. The results of this research is now being used to provide advice to a wide variety of companies who aim to improve their carbon footprints. The research includes detailed analysis of the following areas:

  • The structure and operation of the supply chain and warehouses to reduce environmental impact
  • The environmental impact of trends in manufacturing and retail
  • Improving environmental impact through different transport modes, fuels and increases in efficiency.
  • The use of transport vehicle technologies to reduce carbon emissions

We aim to help our clients reduce their carbon footprints while keeping costs low and maintaing high levels of service, and we have a unique ability to support effective corporate governance without losing sight of the commerical goals of our clients. For this reason we have developed Supply Chain, Warehousing and Transport Environmental Audit Programmes that can be tailored to their individual requirements. These audits provide clear recommendations for potential environmental and financial savings, and innovative solutions for their implementation.

Projects are undertaken by our specialist consultants who have a detailed understanding of environmental logistics.