Due Diligence

Due DiligenceTarget acquisition often focuses on the commercial and financial aspects with Operational Due Diligence frequently getting only a secondary focus. However, it is in the operational capability or lack of capability that hinder the value to be extracted from the acquisition.

It is Operational Due Diligence which uncovers significant opportunities and risks. Operational Due Diligence focuses on how demand is captured, managed and fulfilled within the organisation. Both physical processes (such as inbound, warehousing, distribution, returns) and back-office operations (S&OP, sourcing and buying processes, returns management, etc.) need to be reviewed from a capability, capacity and future fit-for-purpose perspective.

A strong structured analytical approach, coupled with in-depth operational experience by our consultants, allow us to deliver significant insight into the operation and therefore significantly decrease the risk (and understand what potential investment is needed to enable the benefits of the acquisition).

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