3PL Outsourcing

Outsourcing of logistics services has been on the increase for many years, and the latest annual survey from the CILT confirms a majority of market players accepts 3PL outsourcing to still become more prevalent over the next 5 years.

There can be many good financial reasons to consider outsourcing, including; focusing scarce investment funds on core activities, scale benefits to lower costs, increase variable cost %, risk mitigation as well as every ITT process having these firmly in scope.

More qualitative elements often get less attention however. Good governance mechanisms are essential and to name one other example from the same survey: innovation was considered “very important” or “important” by no less than 91% of respondents, but is also often mentioned as an unsatisfactory area in the relationship.

The Logistics Business offers a structured approach to 3PL Invitation To Tender (ITT) projects, with a balance between quantitative and qualitative aspects and an understanding of the full life cycle of an outsourcing contract.

The Logistics Business has the skills and experience to support you in this critically important process of finding the right 3PL partner to benefit your business.To find out more download the full PDF version here or contact us on 01527 889060 or email info@logistics.co.uk.