NHS Camden – Review of Logistics Processes & Material Flows

The NHS is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics consultants UKNHS Camden is the operating name for Camden Primary Care Trust (PCT). It is the NHS organisation responsible for providing healthcare for people who live in Camden. It serves a population of about 220,000 people and manages an annual budget of some £450 million.

St Pancras Hospital is one of several hospitals within NHS Camden. It specialises in providing care for older patients with memory and mental health problems.

St Pancras Hospital is based on an old site dating back to the 19th century and was never designed for motor vehicles.  Over the years changes had been made to adapt to the growth in traffic but traffic flow and parking still remains a problem. It was recognised that the opportunities for change were limited but it was felt that an independent review of the site might lead to some ideas for improvement. It was therefore decided to call on the specialist services of The Logistics Business to review site operations including the management of the receipt of goods and materials and the distribution of these around the site and to the other NHS sites (of which there are 80) within the group of three PCTs.

Consultants from The Logistics Business quickly established that control of post, goods and materials was under various areas of management and consequently no one manager could be said to have a full picture of how the distribution was organised and controlled.  The result was that items were going missing with no way of identifying responsibility for the loss.  The review considered at all aspects of managing the receipt, checking, movement and tracking of materials around the site and investigated what systems and procedures needed to be put in place to ensure that errors are not made in the future and that all movements can be accounted for.  The output of the work included recommendations for the changes to be made and proposals for how these could be implemented.