MandM Direct – Warehouse Design

MandM Direct is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics consultants UK

MandM Direct is one of the UK’s largest on-line clothing retailers. Established over 20 years ago and employing around 500 people, the Leominster-based e-retailer has seen its business go from strength to strength. M and M Direct chief executive Steve Robinson recognised the need to have the capacity in place to realise his growth plans and acquired a 210,000 sq ft former Ministry of Defence (MOD) warehouse in readiness. The Logistics Business were commissioned as consultants and project managers to deliver the project.

Inside M&M Dirsct - The Logistics Business UK

The first task was to plan the layout of the new distribution centre and the operating processes that would drive it in order to achieve the aggressive sales strategy and growth targets. It was crucial to ensure that the flexibility and capacity to bring in new product lines was built in at the planning stage to guarantee the new warehouse could meet future demand and projected growth. The project involved a complex refit of an existing building, which necessitated many contractors working to rigid deadlines.

The scale of the project meant that it came under the Health and Safety Executive’s Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2007 (CDM) adding a level of complexity that is often daunting to small-to-medium sized companies. However, The Logistics Business was able to provide the expertise and resource to fill the roles of principal contractor and CDM co-ordinator and to set up the management procedures needed to satisfy the CDM requirements. We also provided full-time site management during the project.

Timescales were tight, with many suppliers doubtful of achieving them. But through careful planning, designing the right solution, selecting the right suppliers, and by managing the work and closely supervising the site, the project was delivered on time and to budget.

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