Warehouse Design

Warehouse Design 3D model - The Logistics BusinessOur warehouse design consultants have extensive practical experience in designing, implementing and running warehouses and distribution centres.

This gives us a detailed understanding of the relationship between the design of a system, its operation and the software requirements. It is this multi-disciplinary knowledge that has enabled us to produce solutions that have met, and exceeded, our clients expectations.

Whether the technologies specified in the systems are primarily manual, mechanised or automated, the underlying development processes are very similar. For this reason, in order to increase flexibility, decisions on the level of mechanisation or automation within warehouses or distribution centres should not be finalised until the latter stages of the design process. We cannot emphasise enough the importance of understanding and defining the business and operational requirements prior to developing a solution- be it manual, mechanised or automated.

An overview of the process that applies to many projects is as follows:

  • Understand the future business requirements that the facility needs to fulfil
  • Analyse the existing operations and data
  • Model the future operating scenarios
  • Develop concept designs for the different parts of the system
  • Develop the operational and software requirements for the system
  • Specify the appropriate technology to meet the long term business and operational requirements
  • Develop layout and integration drawings

We use a wide range of tools to undertake this work, including questionnaires, our iFlow Suite of Modelling Tools, and 2D and 3D CAD systems.