Warehouse Design Solutions

Logistics Consulting on Warehouse design - The Logsitics BusinessOur range of services include Warehouse Design, development of Warehouse Automation and Warehouse Performance Management.

We have extensive experience in Warehouse Design and are able to take full responsibility for the design process, from analysing and identifying the requirements, modelling the system, developing the concepts and selecting the optimum equipment, to producing the final drawings in two or three dimensional layouts with Computer Aided Design (CAD).

We are the industry-leading consultancy in Warehouse Automation. Many of our consultants having spent the majority of their careers designing and implementing these systems, and we have expertise in all areas of the process. From the design of complete distribution centres, to drawing up invitations to tender, to project management of system implementation and commercial support, our detailed knowledge of the techniques, equipment, systems and markets puts us in an ideal position to assist our clients with the optimum selection of automated equipment and their suppliers.

Our Warehouse Performance Management Programme can help our clients to improve the performance of industrial processes in order to increase efficiency and reduce costs. You may also be interested in learning the role of inventory management software, and how it can benefit a business and warehousing operation.