Sparex – Warehouse Design

Sparex is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics consultants UKSparex is a world leader in the supply of Tractor Replacement Parts and Accessories for agricultural tractors and machinery.  They particularly specialise in vintage tractors and manufacture a wide range of replacement parts. Sparex has sales offices in more than 20 countries around the world and agents in many others. Their catalogue extends to almost 35,000 different parts. All of this is supplied from a distribution centre and head office in Exeter.

Following many years of rapid growth, the existing site could not cope with any further expansion of distribution. The buildings were quite old and inefficient in layout and height compared to modern best practices. As a result Sparex recognised the need to move to a new, larger site and identified some possible locations with the help of a logistics consultancy.

However, not wanting to simply replicate the current operation, they were finding it difficult to determine how big a warehouse they should build. At this point Sparex turned to The Logistics Business for help.

We were asked to look at their operation, analyse whatever data was available and make a recommendation on the size of warehouse. This had to take into account sales growth and general operational techniques to take advantage of a modern warehouse. In the final report a number of footprints and operating methods were estimated based on a range of scenarios and options.

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