The Logistics Business announces partnership with BOARD

David Bingham - Executive Director



Supply chain and logistics consultancy, The Logistics Business, has chosen BOARD as a strategic business intelligence partner to add value to its existing consultancy services.

Based on contact with their wide range of consultancy clients, The Logistics Business team believes that many companies simply lack the insight and operational tools that help them make more informed business decisions.

The BOARD business intelligence tool is a unique, integrated product, which allows organisations to oversee their entire business reporting, work-flow management and planning requirements using a single, non-modular, integrated system.  The Logistics Business will be able to analyse customer data gained from the disparate sources usually involved and then drill down to gain deep insight for improved planning and forecasting, reporting and better decision making to drive improved company performance. The Logistics Business will also be working closely with BOARD to deliver ‘out of the box’ logistics applications, addressing the process, people and systems challenges in a unified approach, covering areas such as labour management, KPI drill down and root cause analyses, sales and operational planning and improved supply chain visibility.

David Bingham, Executive Director, The Logistics Business comments: “We believe in the importance of taking a deep dive into business data to answer the big why, where and how business questions. We have found an excellent business partner with the BOARD solution. It is a system that can be fine tuned to our clients’ businesses, as opposed to an off the shelf product which only has a generic value. It was also important to have a system that offers a full drill down capability, so that we can capture the drivers of a particular metric to achieve robust, speedy and sustainable benefits. We also chose BOARD because of the intuitive nature of the product, capable of collecting from multiple data sources without complex time consuming and expensive integration.

We deliver our brand proposition by offering clients creative business solutions based on fact not hunches. Using BOARD will allow us to develop a wide range of supply chain and operational planning and monitoring tools based on real time data.  BOARD has developed a fantastic product, whose scope is limitless. We are very pleased to be associated with such a dynamic brand.”

The Logistics Business launched the application this year and it will be available to all existing and new customers through the company’s Business Insight division.

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10th February 2015

Note to Editors:

The Logistics Business is a UK logistics and supply chain consultancy with over 20 years practical experience helping clients improve their supply chains by providing them with logistics solutions that are both innovative and accessible.

Formed in 1991 the company has grown to be one of the leading specialist logistics and supply chain consultancies, with a portfolio of clients that includes established giants of retailing and many rapidly growing start-ups and smaller companies. Working at all levels, from the strategic to the day-to-day; the Logistics Business helps its clients find new ways of managing their supply chains; from supply chain strategy, warehouse design and planning, project management, business intelligence and performance management to Zone Manager, delivery management software. Whilst many logistics principles are transferable across industries, the Logistics Business highly skilled, experienced logistics consultants specialise by industry sector enabling the company to quickly understand client requirements