Pets at Home – Strategies for Improving the Expansion of Future Logistics Operations

Pets at Home is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics consultants UKPets at Home is an award-winning specialist ‘Pet-Care Retailer’ operating throughout the U.K. and Northern Ireland. The company, which started trading in 1991, has grown to become the leading retailer of its type in the U.K. and the third largest in the world.  Operating from 220 stores in the ‘edge of town’ locations, the annual turnover now exceeds £350 million, with a strong like-for-like sales growth in addition to a continuing store-opening programme. The stores are serviced by a National Distribution Centre (NDC) at Stoke on Trent. The original 200,000 sq.ft. building was extended by 100,000 sq.ft as a result of strong growth and following a review by The Logistics Business to identify strategies for improving the expansion of future logistics operations.

The Project

As strong growth continued and the Stoke on Trent NDC approached the anticipated limit of its forecast storage and throughput capacity, Pets at Home again engaged The Logistics Business to assess the options for expanding the logistics infrastructure to accommodate the projected sales growth in the coming years. The first requirement was to identify the point at which the business will exceed the capacity of the current facilities and calculate the anticipated capacity required through to 2016. Among the options to be considered for expanding the infrastructure will be the further extension of the capacity of the current building and/or providing external bulk storage, or, alternatively, commissioning a Regional Distribution Centre (RDC) to alleviate pressure on the Stoke NDC.  Any options considered by The Logistics Business were supported by clear cost/benefit statements, risk analyses and implementation time frames, and the final recommendations detailed in a report presented to the Board of Directors.

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