Environmental Impact Reduction

WRAP is a Client of The Logistics Business - Logistics strategiesImplementing effective logistics strategies within the construction industry is the best way of reducing environmental impact- such as waste and carbon emissions- on construction sites. The Logistic Business has run a number of projects for the Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP), supporting construction companies in developing logistic solutions.

As part of this work we have produced several case studies and reports covering a wide variety of construction projects, from the small to the very large (£1 billion plus projects).

During our work with WRAP we studied a number of construction projects undertaken by leading companies in the UK. What these projects all had in common was their detailed application of construction logistics principles. Some specific logistics strategies introduced included:

  • The use of Construction Consolidation Centre and on-site logistics specialists
  • The use of IT support, such as our Zone Manager Delivery Management System
  • The implementation of reusable pallets and packaging