International Clients


Some examples of our International Clients:

The Logistics Business has experience of working in many parts of the world. Overseas clients have chosen us for a number of reasons :-

  • To learn from European experience;
  • Because of our ability to take ideas from one country or industry and modify them to meet local requirements and conditions of another;
  • To take advantage of innovative thinking that may not be available locally;
  • Because of our particular mix of experience;
  • To help develop the local knowledge;
  • Even to ensure confidentiality by not using local companies.

In most cases projects are completed within one trip. For others a series of visits may be required but these can be planned in advance with the local team being guided on how to progress in between.  In all cases our philosophy is for a client’s team to undertake as much or as little of the work as they wish depending on availability of skills and resource.