Clients By Sectors

Logistics works with many clients in different business sectors, including the Automotive sector.

The Building and construction Sector working with a range of companies from BAA to WyseGroup, we have also worked with companies within the engineering sector.

Logisitcs has also worked with a number of charities including the Royal British Legion.

Chemical and Pharmaceuticals sector also well as the cosmetics sector. Within the Clothing and Textiles sector we have worked with New Look and many others.

Within the Computer and electronics we have worked with Panasonic and Fujitsu, to name a few.

We have worked with Gillette as well as other with in the Consumer Goods Sector. With in the distribution sector we have worked with Argos, TNT and Tesco as well as several others.

Within the Financial Services Sector Logistics as worked with banks as well as funding groups.

We have also worked with many with in the food and drink sector.

Working in the Media and Publishing sector we have worked with the National Theatre and Scholastic Books.

Logisitcs has also worked with a number of Government departments within the Public sector including but not limited to the MOD, Nato and the NHS.

Logistics has also worked with a number within the retail sector.