CILT Outsourcing & Procurement Forum Event

Rob Krikhaar – Consultant/The Logistics Business, David Bingham – Presenter/The Logistics Business, Jo Goldsmark – Chair, Outsourcing & Procurement Forum

CILT Outsourcing & Procurement Forum Event, Sainsbury’s Distribution Centre, Bedford,

Outsourcing Life Cycle Master Class: step 2b – Managing the Outsourcing Implementation

Thanks to Jo Godsmark, the Chair of the Outsourcing & Procurement Forum, Grev Lushington, the event organiser, the key note speakers, engaged delegates, and last but not least Dave Wain, the Regional Operations Manager of Sainsbury’s and hosting the event, the day was a great success.

The first part of the day consisted of the contributions of the two key note speakers, Richard Baldwin Hey, Project & implementation Director of DHL, and David Bingham, Executive Director of The Logistics Business.

David presented two case studies, one a shared services outsourcing project, the other dedicated. Although opposite in many ways, these have a lot in common in the implementation phase, including that the supplier’s implementation capability has to be one of the key selection criteria from the start of the project.

The second part of the day saw lively discussion in the three break-out sessions discussing impact on IT processes, performance management and People & TUPE as challenges to the management of the transition process. Not for the first time, a key conclusion was that well-timed communication, in all three areas but especially the people part, is key to success.

Finally, Dave Wain’s team offered a tour of the site, Sainsbury’s National Distribution Centre for clothing. In addition to the enormous scale and level of automation, the focus on the employees was evident, including a wall with the national flags of all nationalities represented.

Following the success of this event, there can be no doubt the next event, “Outsourcing  Life Cycle Master Class Step 3: Managing the operation”, expected some time early 2016, will be fully booked as well!