Tweeting Logistics- will social media play a role in the future of supply chain management?

On a social level, networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook have certainly caught the imagination of the younger generation- teenagers are now regularly updating their mates about what time to meet each other in the pub, or discussing their plans for dinner later that night! But, in the case of Twitter especially, it should be noted that the BBC Economics Editor Robert Peston is now a regular user (or ‘tweeter’) and updates his loyal followers with various thought pieces...

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Using a Construction Consolidation Centre to reduce waste and carbon emissions

This guidance document has been developed by The Logistics Business and WRAP (The Waste and Resources Action Programme) to give construction clients and contractors an overview of when they should consider a Construction Consolidation Centre (CCC), and an indication of some of the costs and benefits associated with this. It is intended to review how the operation of a CCC impacts on a supply chain and the typical barriers to setting one up.The purpose of this report is therefore to...

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