11 Steps to Aligning Your Distribution Network for Competitive Advantage

Your distribution network is a key driver of your company’s competitive advantage. A effective network strategy must minimise operating costs, maximise customer service, keep capital investment and risk in check, and provide enough flexibility to adjust to changes in the business. However, choosing the best strategy is as much art as it is science. This article provides a step-by-step guide to help you understand how to develop the a distribution network strategy that your Board will approve.

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Additive manufacturing in the automotive supply chain

The Logistics Business has recently completed two projects examining future supply chains to support Additive Manufacturing (AM). This technology is currently undergoing a rapid expansion and the projects were sponsored by Innovate-UK in order to investigate the role that the method could play in various aspects of the automotive industry. Together with a group of partner companies led by HiETA, these projects looked at the whole process that will be required to introduce additively manufactured parts into the automotive supply...

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