Activities and Data Capture

Zone Manager is not just a planning tool; during operation data is captured by recording completed activities and thereby providing a real-time log of events.

Zone Manager is configurable and you define what data you want to collect – whatever is relevant to your operation. Zone Manager is user friendly and based on a realistic understanding of work on-site. All data does not have to be entered; collect the key information and Zone Manager will complete the records based on the original booking.

The clear and unambiguous records facilities, for instance the No-Shows and Unplanned Deliveries report, are often enough to bring contractors and suppliers into line.

Typical data collected includes:

  • Arrival in holding area
  • Departure from holding area
  • Arrival on site
  • Departure from site
  • Crane, hoist or other resource usage
  • No show
  • Unplanned delivery
  • Turn-away with reason
  • Materials received – type and quantity
  • Distance travelled to site
  • Vehicle type
  • Vehicle registration

Zone manage on a Laptop - The Logistics Business

Zone Manager provides a number of easy ways to collect information, for example marking a booking as a no-show is completed in a simple click. Data is typically collected by:

  • Gate Operator using a tablet, pda or smartphone
  • Data entry clerk
  • Crane booking clerk