Lifescan – Warehouse Expansion Design

Lifescan is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics consultants UKLifescan is based in Inverness, Scotland and is part of the Johnson & Johnson Group of companies. It is a world leader in the research, development and manufacture of blood glucose monitoring products. The company had experienced considerable growth over several years and this had resulted in the dispersal of some parts of the operation away from the main manufacturing complex, with the result that a number of processes had developed which were considered to be sub-optimal.

A planned reorganisation of the factory layout provided the opportunity to take a fresh look at on-site logistics, and the company appointed The Logistics Business to undertake a full review, from goods-in to finished product packaging and storage. This included bulk storage facilities and production kanbans both on the main site and at off-site locations, including 3rd party facilities. Tight deadlines for a decision meant that the work had to be completed in short timescales so an initial visit was undertaken to carry out an overall assessment and provide an overview of what needed to be done.

Following this, The Logistics Business team undertook a thorough evaluation of the operating processes and worked with Lifescan managers to collect and analyse the essential logistics data. A preferred option was soon agreed which combined a re-configuration of existing facilities on the site, together with a new extension attached to the main manufacturing unit. The Logistics Business then developed this further into a fully costed solution with layouts, MHE options and operating processes.

The solutions for storage areas made the best use of what was a very constrained site and the plans for kanban areas ensured that logistics flows were smooth and effective.

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