Zone Manager in Retail

Zone Manager is a powerful, fully featured Retail Delivery Management system.

It provides a central control structure for the site administrators giving them an overview of all activities. The web based interface for delivery bookings enables suppliers to request booking slots at one or more of the delivery points within a site.  Delivery points and docks can be managed centrally or separately by the individual building, business or shop operators.   Arrivals are booked in at any one of the security gates, updating the delivery status immediately.

City centre shopping and business centres often have limited access to delivery areas and loading bays. Each store must have free access to its own unloading areas and so managing the numbers and types of deliveries is a key issue. Security is also very important, and ensuring that only booked and planned deliveries arrive is essential.

Zone Manager is ideally suited to be used during the construction phase of a shopping centre.  With some changes to terminology it can then become the delivery management system for  shopping centre deliveries.

Loading retrictions - The Logistics Business - Retail delivery management system

Features include:

  • Configurable docks and gates
  • 24 hour diary for deliveries and outgoing loads and collections
  • Security Gate module for booking vehicles in out out of site
  • Dock operations functions
  • Browser interface can reduce deployment time and cost
  • Web interface for Suppliers, building operators and site managers
  • Punctuality reporting
  • Multi-site capability
  • Integration with other systems through add-on modules

Zone Manager, as a Retail Delivery Management system, has been proven to handle over 900 deliveries per day in a retail environment.