Advanced Supply Chain Planning

Advanced supply chain planning is a web-based supply-side solution that businesses use to manage inventory flow along supply chains. This includes determining where, when, and how to deploy supplies. According to the vendor (Oracle), this solution enables businesses to streamline supply-side processes, identify and resolve bottlenecks at every supply-side level and reduce supply chain costs. Continue reading to learn more about this solution and its applications.

A Detailed Look At Supply Chain Planning

In theory, supply chains should operate smoothly and seamlessly without bottlenecks at any point. However, they rarely operate in such a manner under real world conditions. In fact, they can be highly disorganized, involve multiple players and interested parties, and straddle multiple countries or continents. For this reason, businesses face huge challenges managing inventories that move along such supply chains. This is where advanced supply chain planning (ASCP) comes in handy. In simple words, this solution makes supply chains more manageable and predictable. It achieves this goal in several ways.

To start with, ASCP is based on a single supply chain model, engine, and setup. This means it does not come with unnecessary clutter, features, or inflexible configurations, which translates to a shorter learning curve for new users. Secondly, it is accessible globally via web browsers provided one has Internet connectivity.


Firstly, ASCP is the right solution to deploy if your business’s supply chain is becoming difficult to manage. A good example is any business with multi-level supply chains and customers spread over a large geographical area. The same is true for any business that relies on a constrained or unconstrained supply chain. In addition, you can use this solution to monitor multiple manufacturing methods such as discrete and flow processes. You can schedule ASCP’s exception messaging feature to deliver alerts to specific staff whenever supply chain problems crop up. It is also possible to deliver similar messages to different business contacts and partners along the same supply chain. Finally, advanced supply chain planning will come in handy when the need to improve operational efficiency and return on investment arises.

Benefits of ASCP

There are several reasons why businesses should use this solution. To start with, although ASCP is a supply chain solution, it is highly flexible allowing one to monitor and track diverse manufacturing, distribution, and supply chain processes. Secondly, it allows staff who handle and manage inventories to simulate a wide range of possible scenarios.

A third benefit is improved ability to react to supply chain challenges such as delays. After receiving delivery delay alerts, one can implement corrective measures such as order products from a supplier who can deliver at short notice, which translates to yet another benefit: improved customer service because businesses can anticipate and predict supply chain bottlenecks better, record minimal inventory write offs, as well as communicate more efficiently with trading partners.


Advanced supply chain planning is an enterprise solution that makes it easier for businesses to manage, monitor, streamline, and optimise diverse supply chain, manufacturing, and distribution processes. Thanks to these unique characteristics, ASCP benefits include better service delivery, ability to react to supply chain problems faster, and ability to simulate multiple possible scenarios.