Happy Birthday E-commerce

It’s difficult to remember back to a time when we didn’t buy and sell online and e-commerce was a a term rarely used. Amazon also celebrated its 20th anniversary in July following its launch in 1994 in Seattle. It has grown to be a Fortune 100 company.

For those interested in trivia, the first purchase online way back then was a CD by Sting. Tweet us if anyone can remember the title! Perhaps somewhat surprisingly, books and music remain top of the charts for online sales.

With predicted sales this coming year due to exceed £107 billion, e-commerce has not only revolutionised the way we shop but the way businesses must respond to the ever increasing demand by customers for increasing product choice and next day delivery.

The increasing importance of smart devices and tablets is evident with most recent figures showing that as much as 34% of all online sales are made on hand-held devices. To some extent this has been due to better payment security introduced by retailers and banks, improving customer confidence when making online transactions.

The BBC this morning focused on John Lewis’s distribution centres in Milton Keynes. With two linked warehouses together comprising of 1.3 million sq ft of floor-space and servicing its expanding omni-channel retail business.

The first product purchased online from John Lewis was a salt & pepper set – lt now selects from over 100,000 items in its distribution centres, and can take as little as 2 minutes to pick an item once it has been purchased online.

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