Pharmaceutical Sector

The demand for pharmaceuticals has never been greater. But with this growing demand comes the challenge of distribution.

The sector is changing, with evolving delivery channels and ever increasing choice of supply.

The drugs companies, big and powerful as they may be, are only at the beginning of a long supply chain involving manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, high street pharmacies and a multitude of small and large retailers selling non-prescription drugs over the counter.

The NHS is constantly looking for ways to reduce its drugs bill and to use generic rather than branded products. This puts enormous pressure on all elements of the supply chain to reduce costs through more efficient handling and distribution.

And the industry has not escaped the rise in e-fulfilment. Many of the large pharmacy retailers such as Lloyds and Boots the Chemist have on-line sales of both prescription and non-prescription items, and recent players in the market are specialising in building direct links with GP surgeries and other parts of the NHS to streamline the supply chain and make it easier for patients to manage their prescriptions.

Boots is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics strategy consultants UKLifescan is a Client of The Logistics Business - Leading logistics strategy consultants UK

The Logistics Business’ experience encompasses the whole spectrum; from helping Boots develop their supply chain strategy, to aiding drug manufacturer Lifescan (part of the Johnson and Johnson Corporation) to develop its manufacturing logistics strategy, through to working with rapidly growing Pharamcy2U to develop new systems and facilities for distribution of drugs direct to patients’ homes.

The sector is growing and will continue to do so. But it is also changing. And there is no area of greater change than in supply chain management and logistics strategy. This is why The Logistics Business is ready to help our clients make the transition as efficiently as possible.